Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No More Fake Passports On Jet Airways

If you were planning on using a fake passport to get on a flight from India to Canada, you're too late. They're on to you.
Agents for Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canada Border Service Agency have discovered dozens of Jet Airways passengers arriving at Toronto's Pearson International Airport with fake travel documents in recent months, five sources familiar with the matter told the Star.

After pressure from Canadian officials, Jet has reassigned responsibility for passenger security checks to its security division from its customer service department.

"We want to root out this menace as much as anyone," said Ragini Chopra, a Jet spokesperson.

In most cases, a person with an extensive international travel history applied for and received a legitimate Canadian visa.

The photo page of their Indian passport was then replaced with a doctored one and used by a different person.

It's unclear how many people were involved in the scam, but Canadian immigration officials believe several dozen have slipped into the country with the fake Indian passports in the past year. (Link)
However, never underestimate the entrepreneurship of Punjabis:
Even as authorities seem to have solved the problem with Jet, fraudsters are trying new tactics. Two weeks ago, a passenger with a fake Indian passport was stopped during a layover on a Toronto-bound Kuwait Airlines flight from Hyderabad, India, a source told the Star.

Recently, police in the town of Moga, Punjab, arrested two brothers who ran a travel agency for allegedly making a pair of passports with different names for a woman who sought to travel to Canada, the Hindustan Times reported.

It said Hakam Singh and Harmeet Singh are charged with cheating and forgery and are accused of preparing the passports for Kulwinder Kaur, a resident of a nearby village.

Kaur paid a broker 10,000 rupees ($255) for the passports, the newspaper reported.

Canadian authorities are considering adding biometric information to visas in an effort to head off attempts by fraudsters.

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Grumpy Indian said...

Not too surprise, it doesn't only happen in India it happens in western countries as well. See this post on how people obtain fake Indian passport in the UK